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11shares and cgt

Am I a share trader for tax purposes?

A Share trader is regarded by the ATO as conducting a share trading business when it comes to reporting your tax, based on factors around how you and how often...
11local manufacturing accountant

Local manufacturing

Local manufacturing businesses based in the South East area in Melbourne such as Moorabbin and areas such as Currum Downes and Seaford can take advantage of bringing forward tax incentives...
11builders and construction

Builders and developers face uncertain times

Tread carefully in the coming months when planning your property development or if you are a supplier in the building construction industry Property development is rewarding except in times of...
11CGT home exemption

When is a home exempt from CGT

Your home can be exempt from CGT providing it is your castle. You need to do a few things to make sure it meets the ATO The ATO considers several...
11discounting in your trade business

Customer Discounting for a trade business leads to profit leaks

Discounting leads to disaster for small business trade who discount to get work

Weekly Newsletter March 31st

The Federal Budget 2022 Here is our quick summary of the Federal Budget handed down on Tuesday. The Budget focused on keeping business and the economy going during uncertain times....
11Estate planning

Estate planning and documenting your future.

Estate planning for the living! Many of us go through life not thinking about the end. Many often think do I need a will? Many don’t bother! We start life...

What is an initial repair for my rental property

An Initial repair occurs when you acquire a new rental property that has existing known repairs. The old house needs fixing before it can be rented. Initial repairs may include...
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