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11shares and cgt
A Share trader is regarded by the ATO as conducting a share trading business when it comes to reporting your tax, based on factors around how you and how often you invest. An investor is looking long term and will not frequently undertake a systematic approach. Tax law regards Share trading is assessed as income on...
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11local manufacturing accountant
Local manufacturing businesses based in the South East area in Melbourne such as Moorabbin and areas such as Currum Downes and Seaford can take advantage of bringing forward tax incentives to help their manufacturing business. Helping local manufacturing businesses Gartly Advisory are Melbourne Accountants based in Ormond. We love servicing manufacturing businesses. Our advice to the...
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11builders and construction
Tread carefully in the coming months when planning your property development or if you are a supplier in the building construction industry Property development is rewarding except in times of uncertainty. Unfortunately, we are now facing one of those uncertain times. The last two years of working through Covid and lockdowns are impacting the construction industry....
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11CGT home exemption
Your home can be exempt from CGT providing it is your castle. You need to do a few things to make sure it meets the ATO The ATO considers several factors when determining if a dwelling is considered a client’s main residence. Various tests in relation to different factors to determine to see if you meet...
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11SMSF Trustee
SMSF Trustee role needs to be considered in your Estate planning Your role as an SMSF Trustee and incapacity are crucial to consider in running an SMSF. Have you thought about what happens when something goes wrong, and you run an SMSF? Control is one of the main reasons many establish an SMSF. As an SMSF...
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