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Sun rising on another day in paradise

Business Retirement Planning will make your final day in business a day of celebration based on an exit strategy for YOU to enjoy retirement.

Bob hung up his clipboard and boots and then walked towards the front of the factory. Rowan who has been Bob’s boss for the last year and the new owner of his business, patted him on the back and congratulated him on a job well done. Bob turned to Rohan and said” There is a big world out there in retuirement and my boat and rod awaits me. I am so glad you have purchased my business”

Bob is full of happiness and it wasn’t just by accident but a well planned exit and transition plan into retirement. Bob, not his real name , with our help planned his next stage of life and the exiting of his business on his terms.

Here is how it came about!

Bob and his family over many years built up successful busines. Bob knew that he couldn’t run the business for ever and his daughter’s had shown no desire to transition into the business as the next owners. Over a coffee, just on 3 years ago Bob relayed his desire to sell and retire down the track.

I looked at Bob and admired him as a person and how he had developed a business that employs a small team, makes a great product and supports his family. Yet, he and I knew for Bob to get top dollar for his business a few changes to his business was needed.

To Bobs credit he was open to change and over period of 2 years Bob, his team and his advisors, such as ourselves changed some of the work practices and systems. Together we looked at the profit drivers that would if improved add value to the business and ultimately the sale price.

When Bob finally sold had improved the business and profitability was up,

Without going into specifics we helped Bob deal with these exit issues and a final result was achieved to sell the business to Rowan at a value well above his initial expectations.

Business retirement planning is no accident!

Business Exit planning is about planning with your team of professionals to get a result. Our plan enabled Bob to get on with his next stage on life with sufficient retirement capital from selling a profitable business.

Bob and his family secured a great result . The proceeds of the business sale were mainly rollled into his smsf superannuation expect for money for the new boat that he planned for retirement.🎣

Once we identified the business issues that need reviewing,  we revisted his retirement strategy. Bob had desired to keep the factory and have the new business owner take over the lease on the factory he owned. Arrangements were made to transfer the factory to his SMSF and this now forms part of Bob and his wife’s retirememt strategy.

Bob is a family man with a big heart😍 He was also very concerned about his small team and we assisted him with to ensure any new owner continued employmemt of his team.

Yes, it was no accident that Bob finished his last day of work a happy man. Will your last day in your business be similar to Bob’s?

How do I retire easily?

It sure can! But you need to start your strategy well before you wish to retire.

Geoff Gartly  CA specialises in helping client’s like Bob to get an amazing result fir his business planning strategy. If a you would like to start your planning strategy then reach out to us and we can start planning with you on how you too can head of into the sun to go fishing.👍

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