Last week the Federal Parliament rushed through its Job Keeper legislation.

Here is our take on how Job Keeper might help you as an eligible Employer

# its open to any registered business that can show a 30% reduction in turnover (big buisiness 50% )

# Sole traders that arenot registered for GST can apply using the alternative test.

# Trusts , Partnerships and Company shareholders can only nominate one individual

# It starts on 31st March and you can reinstate your employees back to this if you are eligible and they were employees before 1st March 2020.

# Employees must complete a registration form and can only nominate one employer

#Employers have become the mini centrelink of Australia

#Some employees not employed for 12 months will not eligble making it a hard conversation as an employer to these employees

# employees stood down can be reinstated and employees must pay the $1500 pf then seek reimbursement by ATO

# if registered for Job Keeper then it must be offered to all eligble employees

# Alternative test for those who can substantiate a slowdown of turnover comparing Bas periods monthly or quarterly - dont change your Bas lodgement period.

#Fortnightly checkins to advise the ATO if you are still eligible for Job Keeper

#Dont get it wrong as you will be penalised and must giove back the money

#$1500 min must be paid to the employee SGC extra on above that

#ATO cant hold the payments for other ATO debts

#Be stp ready to manage the reporting

#Employees must have worked for you for 12 months and they cant get Job Keeper twice. Must let you know if they seek a job else where must stop getting Job Keeper.

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