Working remotely at least the next six weeks for most businesses in Melbourne during August 2020 will be tough as we battle Covid19.

Most of us are feeling unsettled, not sure, board or even tired as we spend most of our day confined to home. Computer screens become a haze, and at night we go to Netflix to keep us entertained.

As a small business owner, it is going to be your job to keep the team motivated focused and looking forward to summer

Here are a few tips on what I am doing Covid19 times

Keep in Touch  withthe daily team star jump

When you work from home remotely during Covid19 , communicating, zoom meetings can become overwhelming but essential. Stay in contact with the team via zoom and other mediums. Remember to reach out to you reach out to other  Working remotely doesn’t mean you’re all alone with the cat and your pot plant . The team is always there for you and make sure as the business owner you make that known.

Have a Workspace

A work area includes walls and a door you can close away from general living here. If you don’t have a home office space, think about where you can work.

Any place with a flat surface, a power outlet, and the internet can be your home office hot desk space. Make sure your desk is not in a high-traffic area like the kitchen

Set Boundaries

Your family  may not be on the same schedule as you.

Maintain boundaries and home routine. Explain to the family that you are working and only vailable t lunch and that you are available only in emergencies.

Treat It Like Any Other Day as if you at the Office

A benefit of remote work during Covid19 in Melbourne is that you can skip the commute it also means you shouldn’t stay in your pj’s . Make sure a work-from-home day like any other day at the office.

Wake up at your usual time, get going and enjoy your day.

End Your Day

Don’t forget to have a pens down policy. Make sure you and your team doesn’t make every day a marathon. Enjoy your normal routine and family time and virtual team drinks

Most of all look after yourself , stay safe and we will all get through this together  

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