Its up to you to drive your business in 2020.

Small business excuses by the owners are unacceptable. Avoid them at all costs. Just do it!

At Gartly Advisory we have discovered the cure to small business excuses or EXCUSITIS

Excusitis: small business failure to implement or known as excuse disease.  Excuses impacts the bottom line of your small business.

The outcomes are devastating! Erodes profit and growth in a small business

Common symptoms include Failure to implement, to act or an excuse why it didn’t happen!

The small business excuses disease that results in failure to :

  • Plan
  • Execute
  • Dream

“Excusitis”  or better known as small business excuses or failure disease is shared amongst the small business community.

This disease can hit all of us as small business owners at some stage. For some its incurable or others its a moment of time. Have you heard others complain about the state of their business! Here are a few excuses!

  • There is an excuse why you haven’t done it,
  • Why the business is not going as well as it could or
  • Why life can be not so good .

Have you made an excuse for why you are not doing what know you need to do!


Our cure is simple! Set goals, outbound activity and enjoy the journey.

 Do you set goals ?

Do you achieve as a person and in business?

Look around and observe other small business people .As you will soon discover,it’s a well-driven owner that explains the difference between the person who’s going places and the fellow who is barely holding his own.

Like any disease, it can get worse if not treated . At Gartly Advisory we take the time to ensure that you don’t catch this deadly disease. That your business thrives and you achieve your desired outcomes.

Excustis disease can be seen in many forms. However the worst type of disease affect are those business owners who can’t be bothered. Those that have no direction and those are who don’t set goals

Make 2020 your year to thrive in business!

We can assist you with our quick diagnosis of business health checker to avoid being a small business failure. As a result of our workm we will help you to discover the hidden profit leavers that drive the business. Let’s focus on your business by helping set personal and business goals. Goals might be centred around:

  • Growing the business
  • You may have personal goals you
  •  may have retirement goals which include selling or  succession planning  of family

We can identify the cure to small business excuses or “excusitis’ . As a result , the treatment starts with you to fix the problem. But those that don’t the disease it can last for many years.

It’s why some don’t, and some do in business

We are here to make sure that you don’t catch this deadly disease !

Our business is helping to get the best from yourself and your business .The year 2020 is almost upon us and we are here to make it happen for you contact you.

What to do next?

There is no excuse for small business excuses as the owner. You can do it by careful planning creating opportunity and being in the zone. Contact us to start your 2020 plan on in the right direction.

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