COVID-19 Help For Small Business 

Updates on various COVID-19 Government Assistance measures

including stimulus and jobseeker

As news becomes available we will provide you with comprehensive updates on how the new Federal Government Stimulus and State Survival Initiatives will assist our small business clients during this Covid-19 crisis.

Timing of Assistance 


Find out when Government payments will become avaliable for you 

Source – Australian Government Treasury Department


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Job Keeper Update

Job Keeper Update


Cashflow Strategies COVID-19

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Please note always check with us if unsure in case further updates have been released. The information provided is accurate at time of publishing but we take no liability for any errors or ommissions

Keep safe everyone – we gonna get through this together

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Buying a business during covid

Buying Opportunity for Small Businesses as entering covid normal Buying a small business during Covid can be the start of a new adventure. There is no argument its been a tough 2020 year. Small business owners will reconsider if they wish to continue to post Covid...

Working remotely covid19

Working remotely at least the next six weeks for most businesses in Melbourne during August 2020 will be tough as we battle Covid19. Most of us are feeling unsettled, not sure, board or even tired as we spend most of our day confined to home. Computer screens become a...

As a Director am, I considered an employee for jobkeeper?

Jobkeeper has created uncertainty as to whether jobkeeper wage subsidy can be applied for as a Company Director. Small busines owners wear 3 hats. That as a Director, that as an employee and that as a shareholder. It can be confusing and with the advent of Jobkeeper,...

Job Keeper in a nut shell in plain English!

Last week the Federal Parliament rushed through its Job Keeper legislation. Here is our take on how Job Keeper might help you as an eligible Employer # its open to any registered business that can show a 30% reduction in turnover (big buisiness 50% ) # Sole traders...

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