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11Vicki Gartly

Vicki Gartly

IT and technical expert for both the Practice and Individual Tax returns


The practice is very fortunate to have the services of Vicki Gartly to manage the finer details of practice administration, IT and specialises in Individual Tax Returns, including capital gains for investments.

Vicki is a local Kilvington girl, and before taking on leadership responsibilities at Gartly’s, she built a successful career in Channel 9 Television, where she held a creative role.

The meticulous attention to detail required in pre and post-production of Channel 9’s shows, commercials and promotions transfer beautifully to our practice, which is totally committed to providing outstanding care to every detail of our clients’ accounting needs.

Most importantly she is joint Founder of Gartly Advisory and supports Geoff in making our business what it is today 



Inidivual Tax Return Preparation95%
Handisoft IT , Microsoft85%
Playing Football or Cricket5%

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