Melbourne over the last two weeks has experienced its fourth lockdown.

For many the regulations of being locked up in Melbourne for weeks at a time and the limitations on movement has seen some reassess their personal circumstances.

Avoiding Lockdown Pain!

Some Melbournians, since the last big lockdown has changed their license address to their Country Holiday home. Thereby enabling them to be seen that they reside in their country home rather than back in Melbourne. The change of address with Vic Roads enables them to both avoid the electronic number plate recognition and also when asked for an id in a local town they do not show a Melbourne address. It also means in some cases Country rates for a variety of purchases not less your motor car registration.

Many of these people while changing their address still really reside in Melbourne when there is no lock down santions.

Using Vic Roads to look like you dont reside in Melbourne!

These people who have tried to outsmart the system may find that the State Government using an electronic matching system and match Vic Road addresses to State Revenue records. What this may mean is that your more expensive home in Melbourne becomes subject to land tax and the one you have nominated as your home, up the country becomes regarded as your primary residence. This may lead to a larger Land Tax grab by the State Government.

As yet it’s hard to know if the ATO and State government work hand in hand but eventually matching up records to determine your principal residence may also have tax implications. Already we know the ATO obtains property sale details to monitor property sales!

Be careful when you change residences as for both Land Tax and Capital Gains Tax you can only nominate one Primary Residence.

Changing addresses might give some extra freedom in the short term but may have pain down the track!

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