Capital Gains Tax Valuation are often done retrospectively to help in the cgt calculation.

Updated August 2021

When selling your home or an acquired property through inheritance, demolishing a home or rental for property development gst matters, you may need to obtain a retrospective valuation capital gains tax property report. 

A valuation may help give you to determine the right tax cgt liability. No valuation opens up to the ATO setting a valuation amount you may not be happy about

A capital gains report can also be known as backdated property valuation or a capital gains valuation.

The property valuation will outline the property market value at a specific time. This may be in the past. Your valuation must be completed by a Certified valuer to be recognised by the ATO. This assists with helping you work out your capital gains tax liability. The valuation provides a market value at a specific date required.

A valuation report helps nulify any ATO need to determine their own valuation.

The Tax Office will require the taxpayer to have acquired a capital gains tax property valuation report to establish the correct capital gain made on the sale of their property in some circumstances. This Valuation, in many cases, forms the basis for the cost base of the property.

A Valuer will use historical data, knowledge, including historical facts in preparing your valuation. They will be able to provide you with a valuation that can be used on a specified date. Failing to provide such evidence may result in the ATO using their own Valuation methodology and not necessarily coming up with the expected result you desire.

Many years ago, the ATO would accept a one-liner on a real estate agents letterhead. The ATO will no longer accept this, and the Valuation must be substantiated to provide an accurate figure.

We can help you determine the right date for your valuation

Check with us to determine what date you require and why before engaging with a valuer.

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