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When your business partner doesn't talk to you, you know you have a problem and a genuine business dispute. Like any relationship, small businesses are prone to ups and downs and in particular business disputes.

Predominately disputes are often over simple things and mainly about money and effort.

In a business dispute one party may have the upper hand. The business relationship may have been something that has been simmering in sourness for a while or something you as a business partner have  just discovered that you do not agree with.

Not all Disputes are ugly some about different ideology!

A dispute may not be a dispute at all but just one partner wanting to do their own thing and exit the business. People gropw apart , circumstances change and some partners just want to do other things

Geoff Gartly is a Chartered Accountant with many years of experience. He has seen it all when it comes to business disputes and understanding what traits arise in a business disagreement or the need for one partner need to exit. He understands the need to get to the bottom of why a dispute has arisen and what action that needs to be taken to preserve asset and profits.

When things get ugly here are some reasons why sometimes partners are on different journeys:

  • One partner is not as involved as much as the other in the business
  • You are not financially savvy as the other  an the accountant shows the attention to the partner who understands what he is saying. An hidden bias by the Accountant towards one partner starts to form.
  • Your business partner gives you the brush off
  • Your business partner takes money from the bank without your permission or knowledge
  • Your business partner is absent from the business
  • Your business partner has a gambling problem or a marriage matter impacting on financial performance
  • Your partner is committing business fraud


Business Disputes arise for different reasons. Our aim is to be your partner in a dispute resolution.

Typically, when a dispute arises the business’s accountant is caught up with the emotion of the occasion. Therefore you may not always get the answers or advice you need. We often find the Accountant may unintentionally take sides. This can lead to you not getting the right advice.

Geoff is here to help. The strategy of how to exit the business, recover monies lost and understand the financial puzzle presented to you is what we are here to help. Time can be of the essence and sometimes a strategic plan is needed for a quick result.

A few things that business partners dispute over

  • taking money
  • profit
  • management direction
  • not doing enougth
  • stealing stock , assets
  • undercover selling and secreet commissions
  • not acting for in best interests
  • not being present in the business

We take the time to understand your needs and frustrations. We help you identify the facts and identify when things are not right. Our systems aim to uncover the hidden things that may be a large profit leak. We may find out things that you may have been happening that often you will not be aware of.  We can if things get ugly work with your lawyer to provide the right financial data to understand your claim and share of the business.

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Do not sit and think that it will all just work out. Act today and talk to Geoff and find out how we can help you get a quick resolution so you too can move on to the next chapter of your life.

Geoff can be contacted on 9597 9966 or email at

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