3 Ways to Get Your Life Back and grow your business with business freedom

How’s your workload these days?

If the pandemic has forced you back into the weeds of your business, you’re not alone. Many owners are again doing tasks they haven’t done in years because they have had to lay off front-line staff or their employees have fallen ill or are caring for someone in need.

Being back in the middle of things is neither healthy for you nor your business long term. Personally, it’s a recipe for burnout, and professionally, your business will be less valuable with you doing all the work.

Now is an excellent opportunity to retool your company so that it can start running without you again.

These three steps you should  consider for you to help:

Step 1: Sell less stuff to more people.

Most companies become too dependent on their owner because they offer too many products and services. With such a full breadth of offerings, it’s hard to find and train employees that can deliver. The secret is to pick something that makes you unique and focus on finding more customers, not more things to sell.

Step 2: Systemize it gives your business freedom

Next, focus on creating systems and procedures for employees to follow. This will ultimately lead to business freedom.

Why is McDonald’s so successful? It’s because they use a system. Customers know what they will get and its clean slick delivery is its service standard

Employees follow the system and know exactly how long it takes to make a hamburger.

Step 3: Outsource it.

Finally , consider outsourcing what you’re not very good at.

Why do something you hate or are not good at? Work on things that make you happy and deliver real value in your business

It’s natural for a leader to step in during a crisis, but that’s not sustainable for the long term. Pull yourself out of the doing, and you’ll build a valuable company for the long term that’s a lot less stressful to run along the way. 

With Covid restrictions coming to an end and a new year starting, it’s a perfect time to start your value builder journey. Its starts with identifying the value opportunities in your business. Take our survey and start exploring your business value, freedom and opportunities.

Now is the time to again start working on your business. Find your business freedom!

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