Business Growth & you

Business Growth & you

Begin to add value to your business and you will grow allowing you business freedom


“Unlock Your Business Potential Now!

Discover strategies to skyrocket your business growth and master your exit plan.

Do you desire Freedom and choice!”

Knowing you have a business that runs well, is dynamic and is attractive to others is something you can be proud of. The pinnacle of a valuable company runs without you. This means you can create a business that’s built to sell.

Most importantly, you also have the options. You can make decisions without the stress of running your company day-to-day. A valuable business is also a sought-after asset, making it more likely that you get an unsolicited offer for your business. This gives you negotiating leverage when you decide to sell.

At Gartly Advisory, we use the Valubuilder method to help clients to grow.

It’s a partnership using the global resources of the ValueBuilder method, your business knowledge, and us giving you support to grow and make the right business decisions towards Growth.

Empower your entrepreneurial journey with your free Valuebuilder score!

This isn’t just a number – it’s a comprehensive roadmap to ensure a profitable exit. Not only will you gain clarity on your motivations for exiting, but you’ll also be able to calculate your take-home profit accurately. Plus, it helps you envision your future role in your company while highlighting areas for improvement, ultimately fueling your business growth. So why wait? Start strategizing for success with your free Valuebuilder score today

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A company that has used the Value Builder method is proven to get a far better outcome when it comes time for a business sale. 

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As your accountant, we can also act as your Business coach but more importantly as your Business Advisor.

The Valuebuilder program identifies your business areas of weakness, and opportunities and celebrates areas of success. It’s all about strategy and working towards adding value to your business.

Having identified the business areas that will add value, we work with you in exploring how we can make this happen.  Valuebuilder has identified various leavers within your business.

Your Valuebuilder Score sets the baseline and we go from there.


Valuebuilder modules


Maximize Your Business Potential with Valuebuilder.

Unlock the true potential of your business.

With Valuebuilder program, we provide strategies and solutions to enhance your business’s value and increase profitability.

Your report will give you a score that will set the pathway to adding value to your business.

Analyze Your

Start your journey to add business value

Complete your 10-minute Valuebuilder survey and receive your free report!

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